About Us


The creation of PS Rehab Clinic, or PS Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy Clinic, was inspired by one of the CEO’s family members who had a disease relating to spines and vertebrae, causing chronic pain which in turn affects the person’s work and daily life routine. Treatment of such symptoms require not only understanding of the disease, changes in one’s behaviours, self-treatment, but also expert physicians, experienced physical therapists, as well as effective medical equipment. PS Rehab Clinic, or PS Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy Clinic, was therefore established to provide care and treatment, and rehabilitate family members as well as other patients with various symptoms, and especially certain kind of pain, so that they can regain their physical and mental strength and continue with their daily lives as normally as possible.


At PS Rehab Clinic, we focus on comprehensive treatment by expert physicians on rehabilitation medicine and a team of physical therapists with expertise, who have undergone continued training. PS Rehab clinic aims to provide affordable treatment for patients by using efficient, high-quality medical and physiotherapeutic equipment as were used in leading hospitals, taking into account of patients’ wellbeing as our highest priority. It is hoped that, in the future, part of PS Rehab Clinic’s income can be used to deliver medical tools and equipment to other hospitals that lack sufficient equipment, especially equipment for rehabilitation medicine and physical therapy.  

“PS Rehab Clinic was established with our best intention to take care of our family members and also provide care and treatment for other patients in the same manner as we warmly treat our own family members by equipping our medical personnel including physical therapists with medical equipment of high quality and standard as in leading hospitals for treatment at an affordable price.”